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25 responses to “Hello world!”

  1. I picked up my first bag, of what might turn into many, at the Canton Farmers Market last weekend. I got the Cranberry Crunch flavor, and every chip reminded me of Thanksgiving! YUMMY!!

  2. Dear Amy’s Yams,

    This is a heartfelt and sincere thank you for making single-serve bags from someone who would undoubtedly demolish numerous giant-BJs-party-size bags if you had them and have to hire a team of Oompla-Loompas to roll me, Violet Beauregard style, into farmers’ markets to purchase your delicious salty snacks.

    I can hear the Oompa-Loompas singing already…

    Your newest fan!

  3. Light, airy, crunchy and satisfying! These chips rock. I love yummy snacks especially when there are no crap ingredients!! Also the packaging rocks and can be reused!!

  4. Ok. I’m a lover of chips and all about trying something new and fun. I had Amy’s Yams delivered to Florida. I really can’t believe how fresh and crisp they arrived. Even a few days later. They didn’t last long because they were so delicious! We tried all 3 flavors. I wish I’d gotten more. They are so fun and even though they could be dipped, you won’t want to because the flavors are so perfect. I admit. This product exceeded my expectations. Yam-tastic!

  5. Amy’s sweet potato chips taste so amazing, that light crunch you get out of a potato chip with way less fat. It’s hard to not sit and eat the entire bag, but it’s sweet potato so go crazy. My favorite so far is the OG salt, I can’t wait to try Amy’s new creations.

  6. These chips are addicting, once I pop open a bag they are gone in one sitting! They do not weigh you down like most chips do, nice light and healthy alternative. Great clean packaging, and the perfect sized bag to keep in your pantry, or throw in a bag for on the go. Glad you are shipping now!

  7. Amy shipped four bags of OG Salty to me in Texas. I opened the first bag immediately to just take one or two and finished the whole bag! I love them. Shared a bag with a neighbor who did the same thing!

  8. I love these chips!! I usually hate sweet potato chips but these are addicting, my cat even loves stealing some bites!

  9. Amy’s Yams hit all the buttons: HEALTHY, CONVENIENT, DELICIOUS, and FUN! I love to pop a few bags in my purse for a fresh and tasty snack while on the go! They’re perfect for picnics, hikes, or a quick bite at work, and they make a healthy lunchbox treat that moms can feel good about! The sensational flavors fit sweet or salty moods, and the bags are generously packed to satisfy any hungry snacker! I YAM a fan of Amy’s Yams, and anyone who tries them will be too!

  10. My niece brought these to a holiday gathering and they were amazing! I tried the cranberry and the original, they were both delicious. Can’t wait to try the other flavors.

  11. Amy’s Yams are the perfect go-to snack without all the guilt. If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out! Shoutout to the owner, Amy. She is passionate about her business and it shows. She always has a smile on her face at every event. She’s professional and great with her customers.

  12. Amy’s Yams have been my #1 pregnancy craving and I love knowing exactly what ingredients I am putting in my body! The OGs are my absolute favorite and taste just as amazing when they are shipped as they do when you purchase directly from her at the markets. Amy is the sweetest person and truly cares about her customers!

  13. Amy’s Yams are THE BEST! They are so good that it is hard to not eat them all in one sitting. They are literally addicting! Amy, the owner, is so professional, has great customer service and quick shipping times for customers (like me) who live in a different state. I can’t wait to order another box!

  14. I’m a sweet potato lover and these are by far the best sweet potato chips I’ve had! So happy they’re vegan and my son can enjoy them with me!

  15. Amy’s Yam Chips are a delicious on the go snack for adults and families alike.
    The variety of flavors means no snack boredom.
    Love the case of twenty which never seems to last very long!

  16. Amy’s Yams are the GO TO SNACK! Best taste and has the perfect crunch.
    We love to order them on the weekends and stock up on all flavors. Customer Service is 100% amazing too!

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